Tips to avoid and combat bad breath

There are only a few things less pleasant than being in a conversation with someone that has a bad breath. Worse than that, imagine being the person that has bad breath and the discomfort that the situation causes to your friends, family and coworkers. That is why the Oasis Dental Milton family is here to share a few tips to avoid it in order to improve your life positively. After all, having a bad breath indicates not only the lack of proper oral hygiene habits but also the existence of a possible health issue that demands attention.

Before learning the proper way to avoid it, it is important to understand its causes. The main one, as already mentioned, is the lack of a proper oral hygiene routine, but bad breath can be a result of periodontal diseases, dental caries, diabetes and sinusitis as well, just to mention a few. If you believe that your bad breath may be caused by more serious issues, contact a doctor as soon as possible.

If the bad breath is only caused by poor oral hygiene habits, you have to start brushing and flossing your teeth properly every day. Never forget to clean your tongue. There are also a few more tips to help you achieve a fresh breath that includes: drinking more water, having better eating habits and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

Only with the recommended treatment and proper oral hygiene habits the patient can combat bad breath and prevent it from happening again. From less severe to more serious cases, the help of an experienced dentist can do wonders for your breath. It takes one visit to Oasis Dental Milton’s dental office in Toronto to discover the benefits of having regular check-ups and teeth cleanings.Contact us now for an appointment

Invisalign: a great alternative to achieve a beautiful smile

Having a beautiful smile is something most people dream about, but never actually go for it. Whether they think it might be too expensive or are afraid of feeling weird using regular dental braces, they keep postponing the required treatment. With recent technology and advances in the orthodontics field, the number of excellent alternatives for fixing teeth keeps growing, and Invisalign is one of the most successful and seamless forms of treatment.

Invisalign is a nearly invisible option for those who want to achieve a perfect smile. It is a very discreet and accurate high technology device. Through a series of sequential, transparent and customized aligners, the teeth will move to the ideal position. It is also really easy to reapply at home, allowing the patient to take the Invisalign off whenever eating, drinking, brushing and flossing is necessary.

The use of Invisalign is so seamless that most people will not even notice that you are wearing it. In order to achieve the best results, even in the most severe cases, the planning and treatment are made under the supervision of an experienced orthodontist. The patient can find with Invisalign a comfortable orthodontic device since it is molded to correct the teeth alignment without disrupting the patient’s speech.

The best part is that everybody can use Invisalign: children, teenagers or even adults looking for an innovative and more comfortable way to improve the smile’s appearance. As you may have noticed by now, the use of Invisalign is extremely rewarding. Are you thinking about using Invisalign? Contact Oasis Dental Milton for an appointment in Milton (Greater Toronto Area).

The relation between breastfeeding and the child’s facial growth

Breastfeeding has many known benefits and is frequently linked to healthier babies and healthier mothers. But most of the research has focused on the actual benefits of the milk itself, and because of that there is one benefit that seems to be forgotten by most of the people: the importance it has on the facial development of the child.

Different from bottle feeding, a passive activity where the infant does not have to exert much energy to cause the milk to flow out, the act of breastfeeding requires a very sophisticated coordination of muscles and movement from the baby’s jaw and tongue, which leads to a development of his or her facial muscles and airways.

And that is not all: there is strong evidence linking breastfeeding to a better dental health. After examining more than 1,000 preschool children, researchers found out that those who had been breastfed were less likely to have problems with the alignment of their teeth or an overcrowded mouth.

With so many benefits to the child’s health, the importance of breastfeeding cannot be underestimated. If breastfeeding is not possible or has been made for a very short period, it is important to learn about the ideal age to start orthodontic treatment on children and thus prevent major problems installing during facial development.

With many years of experience working with pediatric dentistry, the professionals from Oasis Dental Milton are ready to help you with that and to take care of you son or daughter throughout his or her childhood years.Contact us now for more information.

How to get the best out of your orthodontic treatment

Patients often forget that they are also responsible for the success of the orthodontic treatment. As important as trusting an experienced orthodontist or dentist who does orthodontics is, the patients can make simple changes in their routine in order to achieve the best results. If not cared well, there can be delays that will result in more time and costs. Since nobody wants to stay longer than necessary using dental braces, Oasis Dental Milton has gathered some tips that will help you get the best out of your orthodontic treatment.

Never miss an appointment

One of the main reasons for delays in orthodontic treatments is missing appointments with the orthodontist. In the appointments, the orthodontist will not only monitor the results but also adapt the appliance with the necessary changes to keep the treatment going. If by any chance you are not able to attend the next consultation, contact the office and appoint a new one on the next date available.

Lack of proper oral hygiene habits

Without proper oral hygiene habits, especially when using dental braces, there is an accumulation of bacteria that can lead to dental cavities, plaque, tartar and even periodontal disease. To avoid that, you have to give extra attention on your oral hygiene daily and make appointments for teeth cleanings with your orthodontist on a regular basis.

Damages on the dental braces

Taking good care of the dental braces is as important as attending the appointments. If the dental braces have any damage, they will not operate properly and therefore will not help to achieve the best results. In some cases, they will revert the treatment or even hurt the patient’s mouth. A broken or damaged brace can result in a major drawback on the treatment.

Lack of information

Never leave the dental office with doubts about your treatment. Take your time to talk to your orthodontist about everything that comes to mind, whether it is about the maintenance at the office or what you can do to improve the treatment at home. If you discover something new about the treatment and feel like you need more information about it, do not hesitate to contact your orthodontist or to make an appointment.

Are you ready to change your smile forever? Contact Oasis Dental Milton for an appointment!


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