Fibromyalgia, Dental Problems Make For Stressful Appointments

Oasis Dental-Milton offers guide to confronting a phobia common to neuromuscular disorder

MILTON, ON: Fibromyalgia is a debilitating-enough disorder as it is. Add its characteristic crippling pain plaguing joints throughout the face, head and neck areas to the already-looming anxiety toward dental appointments that many patients of all ages never entirely shake, and one has the makings of an intimidating, downright frightening experience that happens to also be especially critical to a sufferer’s sound ongoing health.


Consistent dental visits are essential to fibromyalgia patients because the disorder can create difficulty holding one’s mouth open for a sustained period. This results in a branching pair of pains: one plaguing the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) as the jaw muscles tire and the difficulty many sufferers have sitting comfortably in the dentist’s chair for long period due to chronic pain in other joints.


Understandably, compounding fibromyalgia’s inherent chronic pain with the anxiety of additional potential discomfort can result in a phobia that mangers to make stressful ordeals of even routine brushing and flossing, let alone regularly scheduled cleanings or further oral-health procedures.


Coping with a full-blown dental phobia can quickly grow as complicated and agonizing as living with fibromyalgia itself, but confronting both in a healthy fashion is inarguably necessary. Prolonging seeing a dentist only gives the mounting fear permission to compound. What’s more, inattention to some of fibromyalgia’s more commonly ensuing dental problems, such as frequent cavities and grinding teeth, allows them to worsen and even blend with fibromyalgia pain that frequently passes mistaken tooth pain.


There are ways to dampen the phobia, however, such that routine examinations, X-rays and cleanings won’t become paralyzingly traumatic nightmares:


  • Explain your condition and ask your dentist about the availability of a massage pad, blanket or some soothing music to relax you in the chair.
  • Ask if intravenous medications or even complete sedation are options, but understand that while it entirely eliminates anxiety, not every dentist’s office is trained to provide complete sedation on request.
  • If at all possible, choose a dentist experienced in treating patients with fibromyalgia and who understand the ramifications its pain has on patients’ experiences and daily dental hygiene.


Finally, we strongly advise developing a post-appointment relaxation routine to lessen the chances that a body-wide fibromyalgia flare triggers under the physical and emotional stress. Deep-breathing is a sound foundation among a variety of relaxation techniques that can keep pain under control. Again, fibromyalgia patients should prioritize trusting a dentist sympathetic to the disorder’s extraordinary pain-management challenges.

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