MILTON, ON – During the pregnancy, women tend to be more cautious about what they should or should not do during the period, and there usually are some misconceptions relating to that. One of the most common ones is that women should not go through any oral treatments during the pregnancy because it can cause harm to the baby, which is not true. There have to be some adaptations, though. OASIS DENTAL MILTON is not only experienced in providing the required assistance to pregnant women but also shows facts on why it is important to keep taking care of the oral health during pregnancy.


One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the risks of something bad happening during the oral treatment are lower than the risks that dental problems can bring to the mother and baby. Oral health has a big role in the body’s general health and infections and tooth decay can become bigger issues if left untreated.


Pregnant women must seek for a dentist’s preventive orientation since the beginning of the pregnancy, but the best time to have an oral treatment is between the fourth and sixth months when they are at a stage of more stability.


During the pregnancy, the woman goes through many physical and psychological changes. Due to hormonal changes, there is a greater gingival vascularization during pregnancy, which can increase the accumulation of plaque and eventually cause periodontal disease. If not treated, the inflammation can spread to other tissues and that can lead to dangerous consequences.


Luckily, with proper oral hygiene habits and preventive orthodontics assistance, periodontal disease and other issues might not even happen during the pregnancy. Taking the pregnancy into consideration, the dentist will work with whatever they can so that there is no risk for the woman and baby. Radiation exposure is avoided or, when necessary, reduced to the minimum so that there is no harm or danger. Oral health is really important for both woman and baby and at OASIS DENTAL MILTON every treatment can be provided safely


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