Oasis Dental – Milton Urges Patients To Address Open-Bite Conditions

“Accepting” misalignments an option, but risks facial asymmetry,TMJDisoders, self-consciousness and speech issues

MILTON, ON: Open-bite conditions are not the most severe orthodontic problems patients seek out Oasis Dental-Milton to address. Principal dentist Dr. Anil Rick Soordhar nevertheless wants Greater Toronto Area patients to know that the potential aesthetic and functional issues they can cause are among the most easily treated his office regularly confronts.


“Unfortunately, an anterior open bite can create a gapped, imperfect smile that causes many adults significant insecurity and diminished confidence. In the more functional sense, an open bite can also cause a distracting lisp that only causes more self consciousness,” Soordhar said. “Here’s the good news: the early-childhood habits (such as thumb sucking) that contribute greatly to their development are very preventable when adjusted early and the malocclusions themselves are easily treatable.”


An open bite refers generally to any gap between the upper and lower teeth when biting down. There are three major types to consider:


  • ANTERIOR – No biting overlap between opposing upper and lower front teeth
  • POSTERIOR – A space between the opposing back teeth
  • INCOMPLETE OVERBITE – During a bite, the lower front teeth do not touch the upper front teeth or soft tissue


The factors creating an anterior open bite are better understood than those that form a posterior malocclusion. Anterior open bites are typically caused by a naturally long face due to bone growth, early-age thumb sucking or prolonged chewing habits, tongue thrust, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or a possible combination of causes. The posterior open bite is typically attributed to a lateral tongue thrust and causes the back teeth that either don’t erupt at all or only erupt halfway.


Treatment options vary as Dr. Soordhar explained. Patients with milder open bites may choose to forego corrective measures at all, as long as the malocclusions effects aren’t causing particularly severe discomfort or inconvenience. On the other hand, others may opt for braces or functional jaw orthopedics (FJO) to close the gap, though the problem may emerge again later if unhealthy habits that caused the open bite continue.


Treatment options will range in price based on the treatment required.
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