Discussing retention an early key to managing unpredictable movement of straightened teeth

MILTON, ON: It may seem unfair after the time and money invested in treatment, but Oasis Dental of Milton reminds orthodontic patients that teeth straightened after braces will inevitably relapse out of alignment again. How severely crooked they eventually become depends on how attentively patients and dental professionals monitor positioning after the braces have done their job.


“Strange but true, teeth have memories. Their ligament structures don’t easily forget how tightly they are meant to bind to bone,” explained Oasis Dental – Milton co-founding dentist Dr. Anil Rick Soordhar. “Things are changing all the time all through the mouth, and teeth-wear, changing chewing patterns, lost teeth and unhealthy habits like nail-biting and tongue-thrusting can shift teeth into new unhealthy positions or relapse them into old conditions such as large gaps between the front teeth. Orthodontists will sometimes wipe out the ligaments’ ‘memories’ of their old positions by snipping them at the end of braces.”


Teeth may shift a little bit, tilt dramatically or stand up straight and even for decades without requiring additional adjustment, Dr. Soordhar added. One patient may require more direct retention intervention than the next. Continued jaw growth, genetics, crowns, the presence or extraction of wisdom teeth and a host of other variables, alone or in combination, may alter whether teeth remain in their corrected positions – there is no one definitive predictor. The post-braces retention phase is vital to maintaining the aesthetics, functionality and stability that non-extraction and traditional fixed braces are designed to improve.


Accordingly, Soordhar urges his patients to discuss post-treatment retention measures extensively before applying braces or any other appliances. Fixed retainers made of tiny pieces of wire bonded to lower and occasionally upper front teeth may prove as effective at maintaining progress as removable appliances, depending on the patient. Patients are strongly advised to maintain retainer-check appointments every 6-12 months after removal of braces.

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