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Real-time status updates: Use Navisworks’ status overlay to quickly and clearly view and manage the status of your 3D models, design reviews, and individual tasks.Geometric feedback: Now you can add 2D navigation arrows to your drawings to help viewers find their way around your 3D designs and view the design with unprecedented precision.Easily add dimensions to your drawings, even in the middle of a drawing: You can see dimension ladders, or “drag dimensioning.” The added dimensions will resize with the existing ones, and will be grouped with the existing dimensions when they are added in more than one spot. (video: 1:16 min.)Responding to Feedback:Watch the video to see how you can import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and incorporate changes to your drawings automatically.The new Markup Import and Markup Assist functionality allows you to rapidly import feedback and respond to it by drawing edits or changes to your drawings.Import feedback from printed paper or PDFsImport and process PDFs and printed paper documents as feedback. Unlike text, the new Import button does not ask you what type of content the file is, so you can quickly import your files without having to guess. You can import hundreds of different file types and you can drag, drop, and even rename the imported files on the drawing sheet.Create a new drawingNewly imported items will automatically show up on the New Drawing tab and can be dragged and dropped into your new drawing.Markup automatically importsWhen imported as Markup, automatically placed items are converted to blocks and text and dimension labels. Edits are automatically applied, and a new item type is automatically created.Get feedback to importTo get your feedback imported, start by opening a PDF or printed paper file. Next, click the Import button on the bottom of the screen.Markup AssistUse Navisworks’ preview mode and real-time status updates to be sure your designs are as polished as they can be.Preview mode: Navisworks’ preview mode lets you share designs with others while you work on a single document. Use the new preview mode button to toggle between Navisworks’ color-coded scale and 2D view. Navisworks also displays 2D and 3D arrows, dimension ladders, and components that provide a clear picture 2be273e24d

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