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A Dreamy Solution: Asleep Dentistry for Kids at Oasis Dental Milton

Pediatric Asleep Dentistry Treatment

At Oasis Dental Milton, we understand that a trip to the dentist can be a daunting experience for children. The anxiety and fear associated with dental visits can hinder proper oral care, leading to potential long-term issues. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a game-changing solution for our young patients—Pediatric Asleep Dentistry for Kids, also known as Twilight Dentistry. This innovative approach ensures a stress-free and comfortable dental experience for your little ones. Our medical anesthesiologist, Dr. Fabian Charbonneau, provides Asleep Dentistry service for our pediatric dentistry procedures for our little patients in a safe manner.

Milton Pediatric Dentist Treatment

The Importance of Pediatric Dental Care:

Maintaining good oral health from a young age is crucial for a child's overall well-being. However, we recognize that not all children are enthusiastic about dental visits. Anxiety or fear can often lead to resistance, making it challenging for parents to get dental treatment completed for their child. Having a good dental experience as a child is important, so Asleep Dentistry can be the solution for your nervous little one.

Asleep Dentistry for Kids Milton

Understanding Asleep Dentistry for Kids:

Asleep Dentistry, also known as sedation dentistry, is a safe and effective method to help children relax during dental procedures, such as dental white fillings or tongue tie surgery for breastfeeding problems. This approach involves administering a carefully controlled amount of sedation, allowing the child to be in a relaxed or asleep state while receiving dental care. It is particularly beneficial for kids with dental anxiety, or very young.

Key Benefits of Asleep Pediatric Dentistry for Kids at Oasis Dental Milton:

  1. Anxiety-Free Experience: Say goodbye to dental anxiety. Pediatric Asleep Dentistry ensures your child is calm and stress-free throughout the entire dental procedure.

  2. Comfort and Safety: Our experienced dental team prioritizes the safety and well-being of your child. The sedation process is closely monitored to ensure a comfortable and secure environment.

  3. Efficient Treatment: As your child is relaxed or asleep, our dentists can perform procedures more efficiently, reducing the overall time spent in the dental chair.

  4. Positive Associations: By providing a positive and pain-free experience, we aim to foster a healthy attitude towards dental care, encouraging regular visits for a lifetime of good oral health.

  5. Ideal for Special Needs Patients: Asleep Dentistry is especially beneficial for children with special needs who may find it challenging to cooperate during traditional dental visits.

Happy Kid after her Pediatric Dentistry Treatment

How Asleep Dentistry Works at Oasis Dental Milton:

Before administering sedation, our experienced medical anesthesiologist for pediatric patients will conduct a thorough assessment of your child's health history. The sedation process is carefully tailored to your child's individual needs, ensuring a personalized and safe experience.


At Oasis Dental Milton, we believe that every child deserves a positive and stress-free dental experience. Asleep Dentistry for Kids is our commitment to making dental visits a dreamy affair for your little ones. Schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist team today and let us help your child achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles. Your child's dental health journey starts here, at Oasis Dental Milton.


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