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At Oasis Dental, we appreciate that a lot of discomfort and pain knock at the door of those patients who require a root canal treatment for their tooth problems. We specialize in root canal treatment, Milton, with a clear focus on how to relieve the pain, treating the infection to save the natural teeth and ultimately restore their oral health and smile. If you've ever experienced a toothache or been told by a doctor that you need a root canal, then, of course, you're in the right place.


Root canal treatment is also called endodontic treatment. It is a dental procedure that saves and repairs a tooth instead of removing it.


The procedure involves the removal of the pulp, which is the injured part of the tooth, cleaning, disinfecting, filling, and sealing. Then the root canal will become essential in the common causes that follow: deep decay repeated dental procedures on the tooth, or crack or chip in the tooth.

The nerve pulp is an essential part of your tooth since it holds blood vessels and nerves that help it grow and develop. In such cases, root canal treatment might be the very thing that the tooth needs for salvation from further devastating destruction caused by deep decay, cracks, chips, or trauma. Root canal treatment in Milton at Oasis Dental entails extracting any pulp that may be damaged or diseased, cleaning, and sealing the entire root canal system. The process is very successful in most cases, and your tooth can be saved from extraction if you are experiencing severe pain.


We at Oasis Dental offer treatment alternatives solely designed with our patients in mind. Below are the different kinds of root canal treatments offered:

1. Standard Root Canal Therapy: Perfect for addressing infections in the inner part of the tooth. This procedure entails the removal of the infected pulp, thorough cleaning of the canal, and sealing it to prevent any future infections. It's a routine treatment that can prevent the need for tooth removal and provide relief from discomfort.

2. Retreatment of Root Canals: Occasionally, a tooth that has previously received root canal therapy may require additional treatment as a result of a recurring infection. Our skilled professionals are able to perform a procedure that involves reopening the tooth, removing any filling materials, eliminating infection, and then resealing the tooth. This process provides an opportunity to save your natural tooth.

3. Apicoectomy: If root canal treatment is not enough, an apicoectomy may be required. This procedure is performed to eliminate the infected tissue surrounding the root tip of the tooth. After the root canal procedure, a small filling is carefully placed to effectively seal the treated area and protect it from any potential infection in the future.

4. Pulpotomy: Perfect for addressing pulp infections in their initial stages, especially in young children with primary teeth. This procedure focuses on eliminating the unhealthy pulp tissue found in the upper part of the tooth, with the goal of safeguarding the intact pulp and the structure of the tooth.


Root canal treatment in Milton offers numerous benefits, including:

Pain Relief: Through the removal of infected or damaged pulp, root canal treatment effectively alleviates the pain commonly associated with toothache, sensitivity, and discomfort.

Saves Your Natural Teeth: Our main focus is to preserve your natural tooth, avoiding the necessity of extraction and the use of artificial replacements.

Prevents Spread of Infection: By addressing the infection within the tooth, you can effectively prevent its spread to other teeth or areas of your mouth, ensuring the well-being of your oral health.

Improved Oral Health: Preserving your natural tooth through root canal treatment promotes oral health and helps maintain proper alignment of surrounding teeth, preventing potential bite issues.

Cosmetic Benefits: After receiving root canal treatment, the tooth is repaired with a crown or filling, which enhances the aesthetics of your smile and increases your self-assurance.


Root canal treatment in Milton at Oasis Dental involves several key steps to ensure the best outcome:

1. Anesthesia: To ensure comfort, the area around the tooth is numbed using local anesthesia. Sedation options are also available upon request.

2. Sedation (if needed): For patients who are anxious or require additional comfort during the procedure, we offer oral sedation and general anesthesia (asleep dentistry). This ensures that you are completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the root canal treatment.

3. Removing the Infected Pulp: The dentist creates an opening in the tooth to remove the infected or damaged pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals.

4. Cleaning and Shaping: The canals are then cleaned and shaped carefully to prepare them for filling.

5. Filling the Canals: The cleaned canals are filled with a biocompatible material and sealed to prevent bacteria from entering.

6. Restoration: A crown or filling is placed on the tooth to restore its shape, function, and appearance.


After the root canal is completed, Dr. Soordhar will give some after-care advice, which would include taking his prescribed medication, taking care not to eat hard foods on the particular tooth that has been treated, and then maintaining good habits with oral hygiene. Swelling is very uncommon, but you would have to contact our office as soon as possible if it does happen.


Choosing Oasis Dental for your root canal treatment in Milton offers numerous advantages:

Experienced Specialists: Our team consists of highly trained and experienced dentists and endodontist teams who specialize in root canal treatment, ensuring high-quality care.

Advanced Technology: We utilize the latest in dental technology to ensure efficient, effective treatments with minimal discomfort.

Patient Comfort and Care: Our priority is your comfort and well-being. From the moment you walk in, we strive to make your experience as pain-free and stress-free as possible.

Customized Treatment Plans: We understand that each patient's needs are unique. Our approach is to create personalized treatment plans that address your specific situation and goals.


Is root canal treatment painful?
With modern techniques and anesthesia, root canal treatment is typically no more painful than getting a filling.


How long does the procedure take?
The length of the procedure varies depending on the complexity of the tooth and the extent of the infection, but it generally takes one to two visits.


Can root canal treatment fail?
While highly successful, root canal treatment can fail if the infection recurs. However, retreatment or apicoectomy are options available.


Is a root canal treatment expensive?
The cost varies depending on the complexity of the treatment, but it is generally more cost-effective than the alternative treatments such as tooth extraction and replacement.


How do I know if I need root canal treatment?
Symptoms may include severe toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold, swollen gums, or a darkened tooth. However, an examination by a dentist is necessary to confirm.


What if I am nervous about getting a root canal?
If you're feeling anxious about undergoing a root canal, we have several sedation options available to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. You can choose from oral sedation, where you take a sedative pill to help you relax; deep sedation, which keeps you in a deeper state of relaxation; or general anesthesia, commonly referred to as asleep dentistry, which allows you to be completely asleep during the procedure. We'll discuss these options with you to determine the best approach to make your treatment as comfortable and stress-free as possible.


Don't let tooth pain hold you back any longer. If you're in need of root canal treatment in Milton, contact Oasis Dental today to schedule your appointment. Our team is ready to provide you with the relief and care you deserve. Let us help you save your tooth and restore your smile. Call us now and take the first step towards a healthier, happier mouth.

You can contact us through our contact form or call us at 905-876-2747. Click here to access Google Maps driving directions to our practice.

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