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Dental Implant after Tooth Removal

When a patient is advised by his or her dentist to get a full mouth extraction due to lack of alternatives, it seems to bring a lot of anxiety to the mind of the patient. You start to wonder how much pain you will feel, how you will look after the extraction if the implant work etc.

You have to know all the advantages of having an implant and not having one.

Advantages of implants after pulling of teeth

  1. First of all, you get to maintain your clarity of speech. Without teeth, your statements can be altered hence making someone strain to understand what you are saying. With implants, it is easier to speak more plainly as if you never did pull out your teeth.

  2. Secondly, you get to maintain your appearance. Some people are weirded out by patients who lack teeth and can strive to keep from you. It is quite ok to have an implant and avoid stigmatization as well as keep your smile.

  3. The other reason to pull your teeth and get an implant is that you get to eat well again and most importantly, chew on anything recommended by your dentist.

Sometimes patients with infected gums or decayed tooth have already had root canals, tooth bridges, and crowns. Fixing the bad teeth is less costly than replacing them with implants but unfortunately, most dentures made of plastic fade and look less like natural teeth.

In the case of partial mouth extraction, the lower cost of fixing can be costly since the remaining teeth are more than likely to get spoilt in a few years. What you didn’t know is that crowns get cavities while root canals may leak and become infected as well hence need for better care. The long term decision on having an implant after a full mouth extraction comes down to predictability and how long each option lasts with the cost difference being substantial mostly.

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